San Carlos United Methodist Church

SCUMC is very proud of our relationship with Absolutely Electric and happy to be included on your website. The professionalism and courtesy shown by Travis, Earl and all your employees impressed everyone at our church and preschool that your team interacted with during the LED light conversion and solar system installation. The results speak volumes as they are mirroring your estimated savings. We could not be more pleased with our decision to contract with you and highly recommend your services to other organizations and individuals wanting to install Solar and/or convert their lighting to LED.

Rick Doremus
San Carlos United Methodist Church Trustees

Project Overview:

San Carlos United Methodist Church in San Diego California requested that Absolutely Electric Inc provide a holistic solution energy efficiency solution to the campus, which includes a worship sanctuary, meeting and administration facilities, and a Preschool. AE and SCUMC Board Members Rick Dormus and Gregory Doucette identified a lighting and controls retrofit opportunity as well as candidacy for a Photovoltaic (Solar Power) System. Using third party Utility rebates and Incentives, AE designed and installed a new lighting system, almost entirely without cost to SCUMC. A few months later AE followed up with the design and construction of a Solar Power System sized to the reduced energy load. These steps, along with AE guidance to the proper Utility tariff and meter aggregation have resulted in SCUMC becoming a Net Zero Energy House of Worship.

Project Highlights:

  • 30% of SCUMC’s energy usage was reduced with a LED Lighting Retrofit.
  • 100% of SCUMC’s remaining energy usage is Solar Powered
  • 50kW DC Solar System
  • Uses SolarWorld and SolarEdge Panels and Inverters
  • 96,200kWh generated or offset annually.
  • Offsets 48 metric tons of CO2 annually
  • Equal to 12 homes annual electrical use
  • Equal to 2,405 trees’ ability to process CO2
  • Designed and Built by Absolutely Electric In 2016.
Here are the “Before” (spiky) and “After” (smooth) spectral pictures of the light in the preschool classrooms. A major improvement of the new LED technology is developing eyes experience less strain defining the missing light between the primary spikes as they used to have to under fluorescent light- Now the color and contrast are rendered in a similar fashion to the sun.