Absolutely Electric, Inc. - Photovoltaic Installation and Design
Absolutely Electric has assisted us with numerous photovoltaics/solar power projects. They are the very definition of competence and professionalism. Earl and the crew makes what we know to be a very complex process with lots of moving parts look easy. Our highest recommendation.

Mike Rochholz
CEO, Sequoia Roofing

Project Overview

Absolutely Electric Inc. has been involved in the solar industry since the early 2000’s. Between then and now we have been involved in countless projects of varying size and complexity and it can be truly said that we can find a self-generation solution for any situation. Coupling our engineering and application knowledge with our familiarity with the totality of this industry allows us to design custom projects while remaining price competitive with our less sophisticated competition.

Project Highlights:

  • Aproximatly 500 Megawatts Genereated
  • All sectors served; Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional
  • Roof and Ground Mount
  • Self-Ballast Mount and Rail
  • String and Micro Inverter
  • Grid-Tie and Grid Independent
  • Advanced Energy Storage
  • Institutional knowledge and expertise on Utility rate Net Metering implications
  • Manufacturer agnostic, custom design solution for every project
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