Grace Bible Church

Project Overview:

Grace Bible Church in Escondido California requested Absolutely Electric’s help in designing and building a Photovoltaic system that would mitigate energy usage as well as keep energy demand under a certain threshold, allowing Grace to realize the financial benefits of the most advantageous utility tariff. AE worked with Deacons Ken Boe and Vernon Nicklow P.E. to find the synergy of cost and benefit within these parameters.

Project Highlights:

  • 70% of Grace’s energy usage is Solar Powered
  • 32kW DC Solar System
  • Uses SolarWorld and SolarEdge Panels and Inverters.
  • Panels and Inverters.
  • 48,000kWh generated annually.
  • Offsets 24 metric tons of CO2 annually
  • Equal to 6 homes annual electrical use
  • Equal to 1,200 trees’ ability to process CO2
  • Designed and Built by Absolutely Electric Inc. in 2015.



When faced with significant increases in future utility costs our church embarked on a two-pronged approach to reduce our utility bills. The first was to replace old HVAC systems. The second was to explore solar. Absolutely Electric was recommended to us by our HVAC contractor. We are very thankful they did. We talked with several solar contractors but were extremely impressed with Travis Nixon and Absolutely Electric. It was great to work with Travis and have someone who understood our technical questions and concerns. His technical knowledge and expertise was very refreshing to us (me as an electrical engineer and my co-volunteer in this project, a structural engineer). Travis addressed all my questions as I independently confirmed his solar production and cost models. His models are quite accurate and conservative. Our implemented design is producing more than the model prediction. He also addressed my co-volunteer’s structural engineering rail system wind loading questions and even incorporated his suggested staggered rail mount design to reduce wind loads on individual rafters. This is the mark of a true professional, adopting new and proven ideas to improve their products and services for their customers. We were also impressed with Earl Mohler, who coordinated the details of our solar project and kept us closely in the loop during the process. Our church solar system has been delivering as promised, along with the real savings in reduced energy costs.

In summary, we are very thankful we were introduced to Travis Nixon and Absolutely Electric. As further testament to our confidence and satisfaction with Absolutely Electric, both I and my co-volunteer went with Travis and Absolutely Electric for our own solar installations. Our personal satisfaction with Absolutely Electric also has resulted in several other families from our congregation contracting with them for their own solar installations.

Vernon Nicklow
Grace Bible Church

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